Bäckerei KULT



Tram 11; Mülhauserstrasse

Elsässerstrasse 43, 4056 Basel
Bäckerei KULT
© Bäckerei KULT / Nicolas Gysin

From the oven to your senses

Immerse yourself in the field of baking with all your senses. Feel the dough, smell freshly baked croissants and taste scrumptious bread – give it a try.


  • Butter-Zopf plaiting competition

  • Design your own pizza

  • Schlangengipfeli croissants from the firebowl

  • Bread tasting

Food and Drink

Sweet and savoury treats fresh from the oven, along with refreshing drinks, tea and coffee


Wheelchair accessible

General Information

Rest area with seating available

About Bäckerei KULT

In 2016, two process designers passionate about good food as well as a humanities scholar with a heart for baking opened the KULT bakery in Wettsteinquartier. It is the oldest bakery in Basel and has been listed in the city’s books since 1726. The trio are united by their desire for delicious croissants and an authentic bakery that combines tradition with the future. People love the taste and their food sells like proverbial hot cakes. After just one year, business slowly began to outgrow the capacity of their small bakery in Kleinbasel. A former clothing store in St. Johann then offered plenty of space, which the KULT team converted into the big sister of the bakery. But even here, space eventually became too tight. That is why KULT is opening a new home for the bakery at Voltaplatz in St. Johann in 2024.

Bäckerei KULT
© Bäckerei KULT / Nicolas Gysin
Bäckerei KULT
© Bäckerei KULT / Nicolas Gysin