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The second Industry Night attracted around 14,000 visitors

The second Industry Night attracted around 14,000 visitors, who were able to explore working worlds, playfully learn about professions and experience inspiring encounters. Whether they were looking for a job or simply driven by curiosity and an eagerness to learn about the multifaceted working places – the programme had something exciting in store for everyone.

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The Industry Night Regio Basel 2024 is history. A big thank you to everyone for their visit. We would be delighted to receive your feedback so that we can continue to develop the Industry Night: How did you like it?

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Second Industry Night Regio Basel

On 19 April 2024 from 5 pm to midnight the second Industry Night Regio Basel will take place. For one night, 52 workplaces from a wide range of industries offer exciting insights into their work, culture and history – from Basel to Reinach and Allschwil to Muttenz. Whether it's a tour through a bakery and a security operations centre, a workshop in the laboratory and carpentry company or inspiring conversations with experts on site: the multifaceted programme covers around 200 programme items and has something exciting in store for everyone.

Programm 2024

Plan your personal discovery tour

Put together your own personal programme in advance. For this purpose, we provide you with a few tools...


Launching Your Career with Knowledge and Skills

The Basel region is known for its rich educational offerings. Many items on the Industry Night programme are explicitly targeted at individuals interested in an apprenticeship, trainee position, or a new job. You can easily filter, browse, save, and print these events by looking on our website under Programme and filtering for the category #Education&Science.

Kaspar Sutter

Tour suggestion by Kaspar Sutter

We take heat, electricity and clean water for granted. But it takes a lot of work in the background to ensure that we can turn on the light switch or run water from the tap at any time: my starting point on the Industry Night is therefore IWB, our cantonal water and energy supplier.

Claudio Miozzari

Tour suggestion by Claudio Miozzari

I’m inclined to simply let myself wander through Industry Night and explore without any detailed planning – but the programme is terrific and includes countless exciting places to discover. I want to make the most of the one night. So let’s take a look at a few spots I’d love to explore...

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All the Information You Need

The countdown to Industry Night this Friday has begun. Here, you’ll find all the essential information about the event to help you enjoy the programme and your discovery tour to the fullest.

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Free travelling by bus, tram and boat

Whether by road, rail or river – on the Industry Night you can easily and quickly get from one venue to the next.

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Life Sciences, the Region’s Leading Sector

The numbers are impressive, showing that more than 50% of Switzerland’s life sciences exports originate in the Basel region. The sector accounts for one third of the total value added in the Basel region. Around 800 life sciences companies are behind these numbers, employing over 30,000 individuals in the region.

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On the Hunt for Your Dream Job?

When it comes to choosing a career, do you find yourself overwhelmed by all the possibilities? Are you finding it difficult to settle on a line of work? You can find concrete guidance delivered in a fun way at Industry Night Regio Basel. The event offers young people the opportunity to immerse themselves in a fascinating variety of working environments and get talking to potential employers in a straightforward way.

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Basel as a Transportation Hub

Basel is the only port city in Switzerland and an important transportation hub on the north/south axis. Basel’s ports are indispensable for national goods traffic, both imports and exports, with over four million tons of goods handled here each year. Around a tenth of Switzerland’s entire foreign trade passes through the Swiss Rhine ports.

Elisabeth Schneider-Schneiter

Tour suggestion by Elisabeth Schneider-Schneiter

Industry Night once again shows how attractive the Basel region is. Dive into the diversity of workplaces and learn more about what makes our location so unique.

Franziska Schürch

Tour suggestion by Franziska Schürch

As a cultural historian, I’ve thought a lot about the transformation of former industrial areas in the Basel region over recent years. How did these sites emerge, who used them and how, and what’s happening with them now? I think Basel’s Industry Night is a chance to discover branches and areas of work hitherto unknown to me.

Lottner, photo: Flavia Schaub

Recycling and the Circular Economy

On 20 February 2019, the city of Basel was the first canton to declare a climate emergency, followed seven days later by the first municipality in Switzerland to do so, Liestal. Both Basel-Stadt and Basel-Landschaft set out their targets for reducing CO2 emissions in their climate protection strategies. A key field of action ist the circular economy. At Industry Night, you can experience first-hand what this term actually means and how important such cycles are for a sustainable economy.

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Children’s Eyes Are Guaranteed to Shine

Pay attention, families with children: this section includes tips on entertaining activities for the next generation. Although all Industry Night companies offer a varied program for young and old, the following offers are guaranteed to appeal to children.

Making of posters I

From Idea to Poster

Six years ago, the idea of an industry night in the Basel region emerged around a kitchen table. On 19 April the event is entering its second round. More and more Industry Night posters are popping up on the region’s billboards, made (like Industry Night itself), in close cooperation with companies based in the region.

Simone Meyer

Tour suggestion by Simone Meyer

Two years before the first Industry Night in the Basel area, the energetic project team "das mgmt" introduced me to the concept for the event as an insider. I was enthusiastic about the Industry Night plans right from the start. After all, what could be better than embarking on a discovery tour through the city and the night, encountering wildly different industry branches?


Artisanship in the 21st Century

These days, many sectors of the economy have become automated and highly technology-based. Our usual work processes in these industries would be inconceivable without these digital infrastructures. Yet even today, traditional craft trades remain in place, combining technological progress with artisanal flair. A carpenter’s work is the perfect example. At Industry Night, you can take a peek behind the scenes at a number of artisanal workshops.

Vito II

Baking, Brewing, Candy-Making

They start their day before the break of dawn. They mix, knead, fold, and bake with the highest precision, and what they make brings a smile to many people in the early morning hours. Naturally, we’re describing bakers. Their craft is an ancient one with a long tradition in Basel, especially. Industry Night gives you a chance to peek behind the scenes at local bakeries and try your hand at the baker’s art.

Industrienacht Abendkasse

Get your industry night ticket

With the Industry Night ticket (voucher and wristband), visitors can use public transport in the TNW area (from 4 pm), the shuttle buses (from 6 pm) and the shuttle boat (from 5.30 pm) free of charge on Friday, 19 April.

Diana Rinderle

Tour suggestion by Diana Rinderle

I love Museum Night and I put the second Industry Night Regio Basel in my planner right away. I’m full of anticipation as I look ahead to my journey through the multifaceted economic region.

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Networked for the Future

Electronics define our everyday lives. We live among smart devices, networked buildings and machines that process vast amounts of information electronically. Underpinning this is the significant work of electrical technicians and electrical engineers, both highly sought-after jobs with excellent career prospects.

Christoph Merian Stiftung

Changing sites

Nowadays, the cult brand Thomy is associated with Nestlé, but for a long time it was part of the product range of a Basel company, "Thomi + Franck", whose production halls were running in Basel’s northern district, on what is still known as the Franck Areal.

Mathias F Boehm

Tour suggestion by Mathias F. Böhm

The first stop on our tour across Basel's diverse industrial landscape is at the Birtel Biermanufaktur on the Dreispitz site. On the tour through the microbrewery, the master brewers let us look over their shoulders.

Jonathan Bernath

Tour suggestion by Jonathan Bernath

As in 2022, the course participants and coaches from the Erlenhof vocational orientation course will be at Industry Night this year, and we’re really looking forward to it! Industry Night is a great opportunity for young people aged between 16 and 18 who are looking for the perfect apprenticeship.


A Land of Specialists

Everyone’s talking about MEM, the abbreviation for the machinery, electrical, and metal industry sector that’s one of Switzerland’s biggest industry employers. After the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, MEM is the nation’s second-largest export sector. Our region produces one-of-a-kind equipment.

Bachem Bubendorf

Industry Night Liestal on 20 September 2024

This year offers the opportunity to immerse oneself twice in the wider region's working worlds: In addition to the Industry Night Basel (19 April), the Industry Night Liestal will take place on Friday, 20 September 2024. It ventures into the canton Baselland and the many diverse working worlds in the municipalities of Frenkendorf and Füllinsdorf, Liestal, Lausen, Itingen and Sissach, as well as Bubendorf and the valley up to Waldenburg.

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Behind the Scenes Neoperl

The Industry Night is just around the corner. Visitors can look forward to 52 locations and over 200 programme items. Preparations are in full swing at the participating companies - as shown by a look behind the scenes at Neoperl in Reinach.

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Stirring concrete, plaiting bread, exploring laboratories

The programme for the second Industry Night is now available online. On 19 April 2024, visitors will be able to enjoy more than 180 experiences...

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The 52 workplaces of the Industry Night Regio Basel 2024

The second Industry Night Regio Basel will take place on Friday, 19 April 2024. The participants have been announced and visitors can expect a colourful mix of industries. In addition to small and large companies, educational institutions and entire sites will also be opening their doors from 5 pm to midnight. Discounted early bird tickets are still available until the end of September and the programme will be published at the beginning of 2024.