Tram 14; Käppeli
Bus: 46, 47; Pantheon
Train: S1, S3; Muttenz Bahnhof

Birsfelderstrasse 44, 4132 Muttenz
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Warmth and water

At Tschantré, you can learn everything you need to know about heating, ventilation and sanitary systems and how they modernise buildings. Listen to the experts and experiment for yourself.


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Food and Drink

Hamburgers and drinks by Meat & Greet


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About Tschantré

Since 1928, Tschantré has been an expert in the elements of fire, water and air. What began as the sole proprietorship of Fritz Tschantré has developed into today’s Tschantré AG, a company with 140 employees and countless technical services: repairs, refurbishment, maintenance and installation of heating, ventilation and sanitary facilities in northwestern Switzerland. When it comes to new builds, reconstruction or renovation projects – Tschantré offers everything related to building technology.

© Tschantré AG
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