Sutter Begg



Tram: 11; Schaulager
Bus: 60; Schaulager

Frankfurt-Strasse 80, 4142 Münchenstein
Sutter Begg
© Sutter Begg

Bakery experience

Find out everything about the baking trade on a tour of the well-known Basel bakery. Try your own hand at it in the apprentices’ workshop.


  • The secrets of baking

  • Try your hand in the apprentices’ workshop

Food and Drink

Various baked goods and snacks from the bakery, plus mineral water, juices, beer and Prosecco


Wheelchair accessible

About Sutter Begg

Sutter Begg is one of the leading bakery and confectionery companies in Basel and the surrounding area. As a family business in its fourth generation, it has been providing its customers with delicious baked goods for more than 100 years. Craft, passion and traditional manufacturing processes have been the top priority at Sutter Begg for over a century. The company also attaches great importance to quality and sustainability and is committed to the region.

Not only does Sutter Begg feel connected to its customers, but the company also maintains long-term partnerships with its suppliers. It endeavours to work with local producers whenever possible.

Sutter Begg
The stages of bread making at Sutter Begg, photo: © Sutter Begg
Sutter Begg
© Sutter Begg