Tram: 10; Walzwerk
Bus: 37; Schorenweg
Bus: 58; Münchenstein
Train: S3; Münchenstein

Schorenweg 44B, 4144 Arlesheim
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Access to technology

QuantumBasel offers companies, start-ups and research institutes access to quantum and high-performance computers. Learn more about their fundamental work.


  • The potential of quantum computing

Food and Drink

Cool drinks and food trucks (pasta & burgers)


Wheelchair accessible

General Information

Rest area with seating available

About QuantumBasel

QuantumBasel is a competence centre for quantum computing and artificial intelligence and the first commercially usable quantum computer hub in Switzerland. The competence centre has four primary areas of work. It acts as an ecosystem and innovation centre, implements various quantum projects, provides access to the best high-performance computers and quantum computers, and offers professional support to companies in areas such as pharmaceuticals, medtech, logistics and finance. Many companies in these areas rely on a large amount of computing power. QuantumBasel wants to democratise quantum potential, provide access to the best quantum computers in the world and promote cooperation. The competence centre is supported by uptownBasel Infinity, which in turn is part of the uptownBasel Group.

© QuantumBasel
© QuantumBasel