KMU Reinach



Tram: 11; Landererstrasse
Bus: 62, 64; Bruggstrasse

Christoph Merian-Ring 4, 4153 Reinach
KMU Reinach
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The diversity of local SMEs

Small and medium-sized enterprises shape the economy of the region, including in Reinach. Here a number of SMEs invite you to discover their products and services.


  • Experience Reinach’s SMEs

  • A fox hunt through Kägen

  • Professional childcare

Food and Drink

Grill company Jenzer


Partially wheelchair accessible

About KMU Reinach

KMU Reinach is an association with around 200 members. It offers its member companies various events each year, which are intended to help maintain the network and to establish new contacts. The association is affiliated with the Basel Chamber of Commerce, whose services are available to its members. The Chamber of Commerce represents the interests of KMU Reinach at the Swiss Trade Association (SGV).