Jakob's Basler Leckerly



Tram: 11; Johanniterbrücke
Bus: 30; Johanniterbrücke

St. Johanns-Vorstadt 47, 4056 Basel
Jakob's Basler Leckerly
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Traditional biscuits since 1753

Experience 270 years of history on a tour of Switzerland’s oldest biscuit factory. Try the delicious Leckerly treats and test your dexterity as a packer.


  • Tour of the biscuit factory

Food and Drink

Leckerly from the in-house production


Wheelchair accessible

About Jakob's Basler Leckerly

The Basel-based family enterprise was founded in 1753 and is one of the 30 oldest existing companies in Switzerland. Jakob’s Basler Leckerly is actually the oldest company still operating in Basel to this day. Jakob’s Basler Leckerly was one of the pioneers of the traditional biscuit and rose to become a leading producer in the course of the 19th century. Today, the company still produces in the old town of Basel and is the only historical manufactory of the traditional Leckerly biscuit still in existence.

Here, these traditional biscuits are freshly made by hand every day according to recipes dating back four centuries. Only select raw ingredients are used and processed with great passion. The company is owned and managed by the Basel family Charlotte and Andreas Kuster. Production and distribution are managed by Fabian Wetzler and Astrid Geigy.

Jakobs Basler Leckerly
© Jakob's Basler Leckerly
Jakobs Basler Leckerly
© Jakob's Basler Leckerly