Birtel Biermanufaktur



Tram: 11; Freilager
Tram: 10; Dreispitz
Bus: 37; Limmeren
Bus: 36, 47; Dreispitz

Frankfurt-Strasse 21, 4053 Basel
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Brewery experience

At Birtel Biermanufaktur, you not only drink excellent craft beer, you experience it too. Take a tour of the brewery and treat yourself to a refreshing beverage afterwards.


  • Beer tasting at Fahrbar

  • The secrets of the brewing art

Food and Drink

Aperitif and many different beers, but also wines and non-alcoholic drinks


Partially wheelchair accessible

Contact for assistance on site

General Information

Rest area with seating available

About Birtel

Birtel is a microbrewery that seeks to break new ground. It deliberately sets itself apart, with passion and responsibility. Do you know what’s in a beer? Do you know where the raw materials come from and how they are processed? This is precisely Birtel’s expertise. The brewery uses its own hops and brewing barley and aims to be close to its raw materials. Not only because the brewers are nature lovers, but also because they are convinced that it is wise and sustainable to develop the value chain for beer production in Switzerland.

Birtel Brauerei
© Birtel
Birtel Brauerei
© Birtel