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Choose from more than 180 programme items that can be experienced at this year's Industry Night Regio Basel. You may, of course, drift idly through the night and spontaneously discover your choice out of the 52 presented working worlds. But you may also plan ahead and put together your own personal programme in advance. For this purpose, we provide you with a few tools: there are three filter functions to sort the programme to your taste according to format, language and content interest. Would you like to take part in a workshop, a guided tour or a talk? Or would you prefer to explore the companies at your own pace in exhibitions, films or at information stands?

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Three-quarters of the programme will be in German and around a third in English. The region's economy is highly globalised, and Basel was one of the most popular Swiss cities in the 2021 Expat City Ranking - which is reflected in the rich English-language programme at Industry Night. And good news: This year, the entire website is available in English.

In addition, some companies are also offering programme items in French. And French will also be spoken at many information stands. With just under 60,000 cross-border commuters, the Basel area is a distinct commuter region, with over half of cross-border commuters living in France. Last but not least, a good third of the programme is language-independent and can thus be enjoyed without any language barriers. There is something exciting in store for everyone at the Industry Night.
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In addition to format and language, there is also the #Focus filter function. Which industries or topics would you like to focus on when exploring the Basel working world? A few examples: If you are looking for training or further education or simply want to experience cutting-edge research, choose the #Education & Science focus. Those who prefer to take a look at the past, or want to get to know corporate cultures that have evolved over the years, will find the corresponding offers under #History & Corporate Culture. The programme items under #Digitalisation and #Sustainability & Environmental Protection deal with major topics of the future. If you want to find out more about Basel's skyline, you'll find what you're looking for under #City & Area Development and #Architecture & Design. And if you finally want to take a look behind the scenes of this city's leading industry, then click on #Life Sciences. All sorting options by #focus can be found here.


If you want to visit specific companies, you can simply browse through the locations section. Each company’s programme is also listed on their respective subpages.The companies are also described in detail there.

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As you’re browsing the programme, you can save your favourite events by clicking the heart icon. They will then appear in My Programme, which you can come back to, share with friends, or print them at home to take along on 19 April 2024.

Do you have any questions about individual items on the Industry Night programme? Then please contact us at