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The 31 working worlds of the Industry Night Regio Liestal 2024

The first Regio Liestal Industry Night takes place on Friday, 20 September. More than 30 companies located in Liestal, Bubendorf, Itingen, Sissach and Thürnen will be offering exclusive insights into their working worlds from 5 pm to midnight. Discover a wide range of industries, from carpentry and garages to leading manufacturers of microbatteries, transformers and peptides. Early Bird tickets are available now. The programme will be published in August.

Bachem 4
Experience what Bachem produces in Bubendorf at the Industry Night, Photo: © Bachem, Michael Kunz

After two successful events in the Basel region, the Industry Night is now taking place for the first time in the greater area of Liestal. Over 30 companies take the visitors on a journey into their working world. With tours, workshops and talks, they invite you to partake in a playful and interactive exploration tour. One ticket connects all locations, shuttle buses ensure smooth transport from location to location. Tasty snacks and drinks await the hungry and thirsty on site.

5 municipalities, 31 companies and a colourful mix of sectors

The Industry Night Regio Liestal takes place in the five municipalities of Liestal, Bubendorf, Itingen, Sissach, and Thürnen. The programme is as diverse as the region itself. We will be able to gain insight into various industries, including a manufacturer of transformers weighing several tonnes, the producer of those famous microbatteries that keep our wristwatches running, a cleaning company, a car body shop, a garden centre, a carpentry workshop, a waste disposal centre, a lighting company, kitchen builders, wine merchants, and metal workers. One of Switzerland's largest warehouses, Ikea in Itingen, reveals its interior. Meanwhile, life sciences can be experienced at Bachem, Carbogen Amcis and CIS Biopharma in Bubendorf. And at the Hanro site, we will be able to immerse ourselves in the history of the region – where the legendary Hanro underwear was still produced on a large scale until the end of the 1990s.

The working worlds at a glance

- Autobus Liestal


- Bachem

- Jost Beschriftungen

- Bildungszentrum JardinSuisse

- Lichterloh

- Bucher Küchen-Design

- Marti Holztechnik

- Büchi Innenausbau/Küchen

- Michel Krantrans

- Carrosserie Zumbrunn

- Luxed Beleuchtungen

- Carbogen Amcis


- CIS Biopharma

- OHO Design


- Ökozentrum


- Paul Roos

- Fertigungs-Center Zumbrunn

- Siebe Dupf Kellerei

- Frey-Gärten

- Wahl Glas- und Metallbau

- Garage Keigel

- Rauscher & Stoecklin

- Garage P. Schweizer

- Renata

- HANRO Fabrikladen

- Waser Entsorgung

- Hasler


"The world of peptides and oligonucleotides is a hidden world for many people. By participating in the Industry Night Regio Liestal, we are inviting visitors to enter our world of peptides. For the first time, the public will be able to engage in discussions with our experts, experiment in the lab, and explore the site.”

– Bachem AG, Bubendorf

"The Industry Night creates encounters between companies and the population, and offers a unique opportunity to experience the economic power of the region. We are looking forward to the next opportunity to ‘economy you can touch’ at the first Industry Night Regio Liestal."

– Martin Dätwyler, Director of the Basel Chamber of Commerce

"We are taking part in the Industry Night Regio Liestal to make ourselves better known to the general public. Visitors can gain an insight into the production of our transformers and learn about the challenges that the energy transition poses for the electricity grid infrastructure."

– Rauscher & Stoecklin AG, Sissach

Many thanks to the sponsors

The Industry Night Regio Liestal would not be possible without the active support of its sponsors and partners. The Industry Night association would like to thank the main sponsor, the Basel Chamber of Commerce, as well as the sponsors Bachem and Birkhäuser+GBC for their commitment and excellent cooperation.